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Raven is just a regular, young woman. She goes to work, she goes to sleep, she checks her e-mails… In fact, there's nothing special about her. She's just ordinary.

If she's so uninteresting then why was she targeted by an entity calling itself 'File'?

Part desktop simulator, part platformer, this is a game designed in 2.5 months for #PixelHorrorJam by myself & James_T_Ripper

Inspired by the popular titles Welcome To The Game & Pony Island, File requires the mouse to be controlled in order to maneuver Raven's computer in search of a set of programs, each more horrifying as you progress


  • Once a program is executed, the D/Right-Arrow Keys can be used to move the player right
  • Alternatively, the A/Left-Arrow Keys can be used to move the player left
  • Like most platformers, the Spacebar is used for jumping in levels which require it

The Devs

Borrowed Assets

Custom Font for use throughout the game:



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File_WinBuild.zip 58 MB
File_WinBuild-WINDOWED.zip 58 MB
File_LinBuild.zip 61 MB
File_LinBuild-WINDOWED.zip 61 MB
File_MacBuild.zip 53 MB
File_MacBuild-Alternative.zip 72 MB
File_MacBuild-WINDOWED.zip 72 MB


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I'm that bad at Platformer games that I needed to split my Let's play in two. Here is the second and final part to my File adventure. Thanks for the great game team :)


Loved this game so much and the concept behind it is so creepy! Great job!

Thank you very much for making this! :)


So I rarely play horror games, if ever, but I figured since I'm now doing let's plays I might as well dip my toe in a genre I rarely play, horror. So I chose this game and I think it was pretty fun eventhough quite unsettling. Thanks for making this free to play!

Here's my video on it if anyone's interested.


Thank you very much for making this! :)


The soundtrack is super catchy! I hope you like my lame freestyle lmao. I liked how it's a desktop interface game, really quite unique!

Thank you very much for making this! :)


i'm bad reviewer, honestly i liked your game, good gameplay and story but very short few minutes need to completed if was little longer, good job

Thank you for your feedback!

There's only so much that can be done within a 2 and a half month period, and although an extension for the game itself was brought up as an idea. It didn't end up being feasible in the end as it may have dragged the story on for too long


Pretty cool. I liked the story, was pretty creepy.

Thank you very much for making this! :)


Well done team! I had a lot of fun with this game. So much, that I had to break it into two parts. It has nothing to do with my platformer skills... I flew though all the levels... Didnt die once... cough... :P Here's part one. Stay tuned for part two. I'll try to be less crap in part two. Maybe.

Thank you very much for makng this! :)


This was actually extremely fun! I really enjoyed the use of both binary and Morse!! I can't wait to see more of your work!

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Thank you very much for making this! :)

Hey I made this account just to comment. The game is zoomed in and I can't zoom out or change the resolution. I can't find any sort of options menu. If I go into properties I can turn it to playing 640x480, which lets me see the entire screen, but then the text is squished and I can't read anything. Can you please add a setting to at least let people play this in windowed mode?

There's only so much that can be done in this engine regarding an in-game set of options for resolution settings, full screen toggle etc.

However as there's others like yourself struggling with this same issue, I'll throw together a windowed build for all Operating Systems soon

Thank you so much! As long as it's windowed I think it'll play right. Please let me know as soon as you can do this so I can play <3 It looks really cool!!

No worries, the windowed versions should be listed in the Downloads section alongside the others :)

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How do you play the game on Mac? I tried using "the archiver" and another zip file to extract it and nothings working. is there a unique way to extract the game onto your mac computer?

By using the alternate build which features a .app file which should execute on Mac rather than the .pck file

Hi there, went into a weird situation, maybe it´s a bug, maybe it´s not.

In the 3rd game I jumped over one of the doors... and stayed above that door. going to right or further right did nothing. Closed the game at that time.

Once I restarted it I could see the two black men in the distance but the character herself wasn´t in the game... however I couldn´t do anything out the game either.

Hi beagah, that is one of many bugs that we've mechanically tuned as best we could within the 2 and a half month time limit to prevent from occurring.

Just curious, were you able to jump back off the door once this happened, or were you just stuck overall & the only other alternative was to close & re-open the window?

Overall, it's the game's way to push the character out of the computer's window despite there being a bunch of collisions in place to prevent this, therefore not allowing her to respawn in the starting spot once the in-game application starts back up.

The only solution we've conjured up so far is to simply walk through the door rather than jump in proximity of it, then progress from there.

Understood, my only doubt was if there was something to it because so far it was the only door I could jump over and stay, as if there was a platform there. So it´s just a bug?

Seems like it, depending on the height of the door, it would be the collision properties for the platform shown later in the 3rd application


I liked what I could play, but I think I ran into one of the glitches talked about in the comments. Got stuck at some point and couldn't seem to get further in the story. If this glitch gets fixed [If it even is a glitch], I'll do a revisit episode.

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May I ask which build you've downloaded? (Windows/Mac/Linux) Because that may have something to do with your problem.

Also the game appears to be zoomed in a tad in your video, was this what it looked like while playing? Or is it something with the way you've recorded it?

As for where you've discovered the glitch, you've triggered the next level correctly, however that mechanic appears to be broken. Though this shouldn't be the case given that other people's playthroughs & the numerous tests performed before release indicated that everything works fine, but nonetheless I'll look into this

It looked this way when I played the game. I was using Windows.

Just because you tried this on different computers before the game's release doesn't necessarily mean that the game is bug free. It looks like multiple people ran into the similar problems. Which means that this problem should definitely be a big concern.

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Whilst it's true that this game isn't completely bug-free, it can be difficult to track down problems like this when the computers that are testing this game usually return with positive results.

However, one thing we did find after re-downloading the game & playing through it a few times across different computers was that the game wouldn't launch due to OpenGL 2.1/GLES 2.0 not being supported by the graphic drivers for that computer.

Although this may not be the same problem as the one you and the other commenters are facing, have you updated your graphics drivers recently? If not, do so and if that doesn't change anything, the application should have a console which opens when the game is launched.

Check that to see if any errors pop up while you're playing & if it does, let us know as that will bring us one step close to figuring this problem out

can you please make a android version

As of yet, we don't have plans to make an android version as that would require us to restructure the entire game just to fit the settings of an Android build.

However, maybe at some point in the future we'll consider developing it


it feels like it's based a little bit upon one of Edgar Allan poes works is it?

Though he won't admit to it, James_T_Ripper conjured up the story himself which just so happens to coincide with the works of Edgar Allan Poe

i see


what is the name of the menu song?

I would also like to know this

As of yet, there's no title for it as James_T_Ripper pieced it together himself. However he'll see about commenting a possible name for it whenever he'll think of one that suits it

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Love It Made a video here i wanna play more maybe your next game i can test out something! Soundtrack was awesome. Part 2 soon! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz8zVLGjB48

Thank you very much for making this! :)

Hey there! So, I love your game but the character I'm interested in the most is the Deity the "File", could you tell me more info about him?

Are there differen't endings? the morse code was like "you can save her or yourself" CAN you save her? not sure how to do that.

Interested in this too. I don´t want major spoilers, just to know if there actually IS a path that makes you use Morse code, instead of only using it to translate the emails. Typing on the keyboard doesn´t make any different sound in any different area, as far as I know...

When you open the Internet and the Red Man/Deity appears with all those letters, there is a trail of letters that are slightly brighter, but I have trouble understanding it.

You appear to be missing a couple of characters in the translation, more specifically:


I won't give away what it goes in that statement, but I'm sure you can figure it out :)

i can not play this game beacus the screen is to big can somebody tell me how to fix the screen. it does not fit my screen

That's weird considering the engine & the game itself was tested on different screen sizes and should work on all of them across different Operating Systems as well. Have you tried configuring the resolution of your screen before launching the game?

I was wondering is there a sound track that I can download for this game or if there is one on youtube could someone please link me to it. I really like the main theme

The game launches fine but appears about 4x too large for my screen. I tried down-sizing my resolution from 4K and a few other things but can't seem to get it to fit the screen. Any suggestions?

That is strange considering it was tested on a wide variety of computers with different screen sizes & resolutions.

May i ask which ones you've tried so far?


That was really fun! Excellent sound design!

Thank you! :)

Hey! I played your game on your channel and it's decent! Good on ya! I got stuck at the end of the video tho.

Thanks for the game!

Thank you very much for making this! :)

As for the point where you got stuck (without revealing the location), there's a clickable panel which slides open to reveal a bookshelf if you're interested to find out what happens next. You just need to watch out for the cursor's change in icon.

Ok! thanks! i will look into it!


I give my opinions at the end.

But good game!

Id like to see more from yall

Good job finishing it! :)

This is only our 2nd game developed so far so we're glad it turned out the way it did.

We'll take note of your critiques in the event that we develop something like this again

That's good to hear! Good luck!


Really great game. Wish it went more in depth on the demon and the people, but still very well done.

Thank you! :)


I love that the mc and her sister are named after Edgar Allen Poe poems. It's a really nice touch in a great game!

Thank you! :)

I downloaded the game, but it won't let me open it. It says there is no application to open the file. What do i do?

Which build did you download?

Each of these need to be extracted from their respective .zip files before executing


Awesome game that i did a lets play of

Thank you very much :)

Hey, I'm trying to launch this game but every time I do I get "Godot engine editor is not responding" and the game won't launch and just crash. I tried disconnecting my second monitor, no luck; I also ran as an administrator and tried running in both win 7 and win XP compatibility mode with still no change. I am running a windows 7 64 bit HP laptop.

That's odd seeing as it was built & tested mostly on a wide range of computers with Windows Operating Systems

May I ask what your specs are? There may be a driver or two that's missing from your computer that the game could need in order to run.

2.2 GHZ processor with an integrated graphics card with a cap of 64MB[but I've pushed it to 250]

It's an older laptop from 2010 so that might be my problem.

It might be your integrated graphics card that's causing you trouble.

Though in saying that, the only requirements that the engine itself specifies (according to Steam) is Windows 7 & OpenGL 2.1 or newer

I'd say, make sure Windows is up to date & check what version of OpenGL you have, then try running the game again and see how that goes

Im just wondering im not able to play the game as it looks like it is too large for my screen anyway I can fix this cause it looks like a really fun game

May I ask how you've gone about fixing this? It appears that other people have encountered the same problem & are in need of a solution in order to play the game


Goodevening :D

i hope this game wins the pixel horror jam :)

Great job on the environment, making surprising jumpscares and i really like the most is the jumpscares are really unexpected. I played the having no idea what the story is but as i play along, it was really becoming intriguing, intresting and somewhat creepy at the same time (and i like). And with those things, for me, is what a horror game should be like. so great job :D

i made a playthrough of it to help your game to be exposed somehow:

goodjob again! 10/10!! :D

Thank you very much for making this! :D

Sadly our game didn't win the jam, but we still had a blast making it nonetheless :)

that is sad to hear :( f*** the judges! haha! well good luck on your game dev future! looking forward on your games!


This was a really cool and interesting little horror game. The pixelated art style is nice, the music is perfect for the world, and the story is well written. I didn't really know what to expect from this game before I went in but I was impressed at what this game had. The way this game twists as you progress through it is really cool. The game follows Raven as she simply tries to live her nights out by playing a PC game. But little does she know she's in her own little game that continues to change both her and the world as you progress through. I really liked how this game presented its story, combined with a great art style and this is a great little game. I hope to see more from this developer in the future and look forward to what they come up with next. I did a video on my experience with File if anyone is interested.


Thank you very much for making this! :)


Much appreciated for the playthrough. It means a lot to both of us that you made it all the way through. Keep doing what you do and thank you very much for this. :)

Of course guys. Same goes to the both of you. Keep making games! Glad you enjoyed the video. ^-^