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Raven is just a regular, young woman. She goes to work, she goes to sleep, she checks her e-mails… In fact, there's nothing special about her. She's just ordinary.

If she's so uninteresting then why was she targeted by an entity calling itself 'File'?

Part desktop simulator, part platformer, this is a game designed in 2.5 months for #PixelHorrorJam by myself & James_T_Ripper

Inspired by the popular titles Welcome To The Game & Pony Island, File requires the mouse to be controlled in order to maneuver Raven's computer in search of a set of programs, each more horrifying as you progress


  • Once a program is executed, the D/Right-Arrow Keys can be used to move the player right
  • Alternatively, the A/Left-Arrow Keys can be used to move the player left
  • Like most platformers, the Spacebar is used for jumping in levels which require it

The Devs

Borrowed Assets

Custom Font for use throughout the game:



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File_LinBuild.zip 61 MB
File_MacBuild.zip 53 MB


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Hey! I played your game on your channel and it's decent! Good on ya! I got stuck at the end of the video tho.

Thanks for the game!

Thank you very much for making this! :)

As for the point where you got stuck (without revealing the location), there's a clickable panel which slides open to reveal a bookshelf if you're interested to find out what happens next. You just need to watch out for the cursor's change in icon.

Ok! thanks! i will look into it!


I give my opinions at the end.

But good game!

Id like to see more from yall

Good job finishing it! :)

This is only our 2nd game developed so far so we're glad it turned out the way it did.

We'll take note of your critiques in the event that we develop something like this again

That's good to hear! Good luck!


Really great game. Wish it went more in depth on the demon and the people, but still very well done.

Thank you! :)


I love that the mc and her sister are named after Edgar Allen Poe poems. It's a really nice touch in a great game!

Thank you! :)

I downloaded the game, but it won't let me open it. It says there is no application to open the file. What do i do?

Which build did you download?

Each of these need to be extracted from their respective .zip files before executing


Awesome game that i did a lets play of

Thank you very much :)

Hey, I'm trying to launch this game but every time I do I get "Godot engine editor is not responding" and the game won't launch and just crash. I tried disconnecting my second monitor, no luck; I also ran as an administrator and tried running in both win 7 and win XP compatibility mode with still no change. I am running a windows 7 64 bit HP laptop.

That's odd seeing as it was built & tested mostly on a wide range of computers with Windows Operating Systems

May I ask what your specs are? There may be a driver or two that's missing from your computer that the game could need in order to run.

2.2 GHZ processor with an integrated graphics card with a cap of 64MB[but I've pushed it to 250]

It's an older laptop from 2010 so that might be my problem.

It might be your integrated graphics card that's causing you trouble.

Though in saying that, the only requirements that the engine itself specifies (according to Steam) is Windows 7 & OpenGL 2.1 or newer

I'd say, make sure Windows is up to date & check what version of OpenGL you have, then try running the game again and see how that goes

Im just wondering im not able to play the game as it looks like it is too large for my screen anyway I can fix this cause it looks like a really fun game


Goodevening :D

i hope this game wins the pixel horror jam :)

Great job on the environment, making surprising jumpscares and i really like the most is the jumpscares are really unexpected. I played the having no idea what the story is but as i play along, it was really becoming intriguing, intresting and somewhat creepy at the same time (and i like). And with those things, for me, is what a horror game should be like. so great job :D

i made a playthrough of it to help your game to be exposed somehow:

goodjob again! 10/10!! :D

Thank you very much for making this! :D

Sadly our game didn't win the jam, but we still had a blast making it nonetheless :)

that is sad to hear :( f*** the judges! haha! well good luck on your game dev future! looking forward on your games!


This was a really cool and interesting little horror game. The pixelated art style is nice, the music is perfect for the world, and the story is well written. I didn't really know what to expect from this game before I went in but I was impressed at what this game had. The way this game twists as you progress through it is really cool. The game follows Raven as she simply tries to live her nights out by playing a PC game. But little does she know she's in her own little game that continues to change both her and the world as you progress through. I really liked how this game presented its story, combined with a great art style and this is a great little game. I hope to see more from this developer in the future and look forward to what they come up with next. I did a video on my experience with File if anyone is interested.


Thank you very much for making this! :)


Much appreciated for the playthrough. It means a lot to both of us that you made it all the way through. Keep doing what you do and thank you very much for this. :)

Of course guys. Same goes to the both of you. Keep making games! Glad you enjoyed the video. ^-^